Volunteer – how can I help

PAST.Wales are committed to helping others and bring awareness to the issues relating to problematic usage of prescribed medication. We are a voluntary organisation and rely on volunteer help for:

Current research projects:

  • Medication in the workplace
  • Younger people and medication
  • Medication and older persons
  • Medication access in custodial settings

Help with:

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Local Peer led groups – have your say in your area.

Human Resources – help organise our volunteers.

Awareness training and delivery

Event organisation



If you feel you have time and can help, no matter how little, we would value your help and reward with Tempo Time Credits for your contribution.

What are Time Credits?

Our partnership with Tempo Time Credits means that for each hour of your time we would like to reward you with an hours experience at various attractions/cinemas/events throughout the country. One good turn deserves another!

Get in touch! Email – Volunteer@Past.Wales