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Having kicked an addiction to alcohol and cannabis I had begun to suffer crippling arthritis. My GP advised and prescribed maximum strength Ibuprofen and Co-Codamol. For months I took these, barely giving any relief at all for my condition but I began to enjoy the effects of co-codamol.

Although I had learnt a lot about addiction, had become very aware – but nothing, or anyone had taught me about the acute addiction possible on prescription drugs.

Codeine which I since learnt was an opiate, a morphine when it hit my body. I would also top up with Nurofen plus containing 12.8% codeine!

Months went by, repeat prescription after repeat prescription, awaiting a rheumatology consultancy appointment. I felt myself becoming dependent. When I began to read and research I became scared and sought help. I couldn’t find any independent information, I couldn’t talk to my GP or the health service for fear of losing the painkillers.

This is where P.A.S.T. came in – mutual support from others like me were concerned about their prescription drug usage.

I, and others like me, people and professionals actively helping others gain awareness, support, and knowledge of their prescription useage.

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