Over 33,000 prescription tablets recovered from drug disposal bins1 min read

Over 33,000 prescription tablets have been recovered in the last year from special drug disposal bins, UTV can reveal.

They have been hailed a major success in the battle against prescription drug abuse.

The huge haul of prescription medication recovered by the PSNI in west Belfast was not through a drugs bust, but safely disposed by members of the public in special drug bins.

The PSNI has hailed the scheme a success.

PSNI Inspector Clare McClelland said: “Ultimately it’s such a danger if these items fall into the wrong hands.

“Anybody who is in possession of unwanted drugs, be that prescription medication or illegal drugs can dispose of them anonymously, these bins are then emptied by ourselves and subsequently the items will be destroyed.”

First set up eight years ago, the bins ensure unwanted prescription tablets don’t fall into the wrong hands.

There are now 25 of them in various locations across Northern Ireland.

Most are in Belfast in places like shopping centres and community hubs, locations with a high footfall to allow for a degree of anonymity.

In terms of how beneficial they have been, the figures speak for themselves.

The latest recovery brings the total number of tablets safely disposed of to over 150,000 since the bins were set up in 2010.


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