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ASFA Carduf

  • ASFAcarduf is a group of likeminded people from Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan.

This group gets together to inform the people who run the services that we use (Service Providers) or finance the services that we use (Area Planning Board) how they can be improved.

These can be substance misuse services or any other services that we come into contact with.

How ASFAcarduf helps
It contributes ideas and opinions to help inform local commissioners of substance misuse services.

It highlights to the service providers where there might be a need for another service, or alterations to a current service.

It doesn’t just talk about what is bad about a service, it tells the service providers when they are doing a good job.

Everyone has the right to have their opinions heard about services that they use, and if we don’t speak out, the services can’t change for the better.

ASFAcarduf is not a therapeutic support group, but you will meet people with similar experiences to yourself.

Visit ASFA Carduf’s website