Baby dies of “fentanyl intoxication” after mum’s pain relief patch gets stuck to her skin while sleeping1 min read

An inquiry into the death of Amelia Cooper concluded the cause of her death as “fentanyl intoxication.” Back in June 2016, 15-month-old Amelia Cooper was found lifeless in her mother Sara Talbot’s bed in Cornwall. Later it was found that a her mum’s fentanyl pain relief patch got attached to her skin as she slept with her.

According to the coroner’s report, when little Amelia had come into contact with her Sara’s medication, she got exposed to a drug called fentanyl opioid ( stronger than morphine), which got transferred to her system; ultimately leading to her death.

Little Amelia was a “normal” and “healthy” baby before she died of the overdose, said reports.

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