PAST.Wales is an organisation committed to raising awareness and providing confidential support to individuals with problematic issues with prescribed, over the counter and online medication. Issues include –
  • dependency.
  • withdrawal.
  • adverse side effects.
  • tolerance.
  • iatrogenic harm.
We deliver support direct through the websites live messenger, through facebook.com/pastwales and Twitter @pastwales Access support to receive advice and referrals to professional services quickly within your area. PAST.Wales have forged links with organisations to deliver support  quickly – to provide access to treatment. We facilitate peer led groups dedicated to support and raising awareness. PAST Wales deliver awareness sessions to individuals, groups, organisations and companies. We raise awareness campaigns to government, health organisations and prompt for media coverage and run a dedicated web and social media presence. ITV recently broadcast a documentary about the issues and featured PAST.Wales – https://www.itv.com/walesprogrammes/wales-this-week/wales-this-week-hooked-on-pills PAST featured on WellWaves Radio – https://www.mixcloud.com/BeingWell/well-waves-27-radio-cardiff-987fm-23rd-august-2018-medication/ If you feel you need help or advice – please contact us for free friendly and impartial advice.