P.A.S.T-Present & Future

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals here in Wales whom have problematic experiences of medication (prescription, over the counter & online) through tolerance, side effects, mental and physical reactions, dependency, withdrawal issues .

PAST  Awareness  Day at the assembly. 11/12/2018

Q & A from the Assembly Awareness

PAST  provide Awareness Training Days:
(group learning, online articles, videos, literature, and discussion forums).

PAST  provide Support:
(through mutual self help on individual and group basis – being there to listen, signpost and assist  in gaining access to appropriate relevant health and wellbeing agencies).

PAST help at hand
Prescription Awareness Support Team
What we heard:
“There’s no one to help, no support and no one to talk to. Somebody should do something about it”
– PAST are that ‘SOMEBODY

PAST.WALES is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and giving support to those affected by medication.

PAST Meeting
Come along to PAST’s meeting.

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3 days ago
@jill_d35 @CunliffeSue I was my parents couldn't stay in there with me, just know I was terrified. not knowing why I couldn't remember years of my childhood didn't make sense, missing a year of school, being put on a drug trial for the seizures that years later was the cause of my many misscarriages😓
3 days ago
@CunliffeSue I was a 9/10 ish when I received ECT to help 'cure' my seizures brought on from a head trauma. Strapped down in a scary old 'workhouse mental institution'...parts of my childhood a complete blank. Still suffer memory loss now. Parents stopped it after 2 or 3 X's...not sure.

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