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There are hundreds of thousands of individuals here in Wales whom have problematic experiences of medication (prescription, over the counter & online) through tolerance, side effects, mental and physical reactions, dependency, withdrawal issues .

PAST  Awareness  Day at the assembly. 11/12/2018

Q & A from the Assembly Awareness

PAST  provide Awareness Training Days:
(group learning, online articles, videos, literature, and discussion forums).

PAST  provide Support:
(through mutual self help on individual and group basis – being there to listen, signpost and assist  in gaining access to appropriate relevant health and wellbeing agencies).

PAST help at hand
Prescription Awareness Support Team
What we heard:
“There’s no one to help, no support and no one to talk to. Somebody should do something about it”
– PAST are that ‘SOMEBODY

PAST.WALES is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and giving support to those affected by medication.

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PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team16 hours ago
We are SO excited for Wolverhampton AD4E (in association with The University of Wolverhampton) on 14th June. It’s for anyone interested in current debates in ‘mental health’ including counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, MH Nurses, academics, survivors, activists, social workers, journalists, politicians, students/trainees and any other human!! 🙂

Our contributors include..

Lucy Johnstone
Peter Kinderman
Johann Hari
Akima Thomas
Mica Gray
Dave Traxson
Sue Cunliffe
Sami Timimi
Sally Ann
Ni Shuibhne Nollaig
& me!

Check out this little clip - it tells you all about it!

Please share 🙂


Sally Smith
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team1 day ago
It's been known for decades by GP's and psychiatrists anyway.
It's just been ignored.
I don't see an apology coming anytime soon from the doctors.
If there ever will be an apology to patients damaged by antidepressants.