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There are hundreds of thousands of individuals here in Wales whom have problematic experiences of medication (prescription, over the counter & online) through tolerance, side effects, mental and physical reactions, dependency, withdrawal issues .

PAST  Awareness  Day at the assembly. 11/12/2018

Q & A from the Assembly Awareness

PAST  provide Awareness Training Days:
(group learning, online articles, videos, literature, and discussion forums).

PAST  provide Support:
(through mutual self help on individual and group basis – being there to listen, signpost and assist  in gaining access to appropriate relevant health and wellbeing agencies).

PAST help at hand
Prescription Awareness Support Team
What we heard:
“There’s no one to help, no support and no one to talk to. Somebody should do something about it”
– PAST are that ‘SOMEBODY

PAST.WALES is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and giving support to those affected by medication.

PAST Meeting
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8 minutes ago
"Apart from very cursory references, the current GP guidelines skim over these medications as potential causes of #MUS. It appears that GPs and patients are actually being misled – to the serious detriment of all concerned."
#prescribedharm #pwme #mups
36 minutes ago
RT! Excellent article from @DrDavidHealy about how #drugcompanies use studies to CONCEAL rather than REVEAL inherent dangers associated with drugs. #Prozac #suicidality #youngpeople #lostgeneration @RxISK @MITUKteam @jf_moore
@Mad_In_America @benzosarebad

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PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team1 day ago
Sooooo...🤔...Class A drugs are illegal yet we get prescribed #SSRI's like PREGABALIN by our doctors to make us better yet it ends up killing us...and it's still being doled out😳🙄 #deathsdoubled #suicidality #timeforthistostop

PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team2 days ago
Withdrawing or tapering from SSRI's?? Maastricht University is calling for you! Take a few minutes to fill out this survey..