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There are hundreds of thousands of individuals here in Wales whom have problematic experiences of medication (prescription, over the counter & online) through tolerance, side effects, mental and physical reactions, dependency, withdrawal issues .

PAST  Awareness  Day at the assembly. 11/12/2018

Q & A from the Assembly Awareness

PAST  provide Awareness Training Days:
(group learning, online articles, videos, literature, and discussion forums).

PAST  provide Support:
(through mutual self help on individual and group basis – being there to listen, signpost and assist  in gaining access to appropriate relevant health and wellbeing agencies).

PAST help at hand
Prescription Awareness Support Team
What we heard:
“There’s no one to help, no support and no one to talk to. Somebody should do something about it”
– PAST are that ‘SOMEBODY

PAST.WALES is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and giving support to those affected by medication.

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2 days ago
Took this last night of Helena Bonham-Carter and Colette Hughes after a showing of an amazing film, 55 Steps.
Helena plays Colette's client Eleanor Reise.
Together they changed Californian law so psychiatric patients can't be forcibly medicated if they can give/withhold consent https://t.co/MpTquIdDg9
PastWales photo
4 days ago
Horrendous thought of that style healthcare coming to the UK 😫😓 https://t.co/NZeqhXMKQC

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PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team5 days ago
"I'm pinpointing sertraline as the drug that produced the catastrophic reaction," Professor Healy said. "When Mr O'Neill gets sertraline he shifts states quantitatively."

His death in July 2016 followed a prescription for sertraline.

PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team5 days ago
This film, which is just being completed, shows you how much harm antidepressants, benzos and all other psych can cause.
PAST Prescription Awareness & Support Team
**Big Legal Death Feature Film Announcement** and **6 New Trailers Posted Online!** (This video is **2 of 6**) **VIDEO #2 "SSRI & BENZO Violence/Murder/Suicide"** While working hard on the 12-Hour docu-series, we had so much footage we decided to take an unexpected turn and cut a special **90 min. FEATURE FILM VERSION** to create a total of 13.5 Hours of Legal Death Content! This was not a part of the original plan!! So to celebrate the completion of the film, today we are releasing 6 trailers from the Feature Film Version as a first look - 3 short trailers and 3 extended trailers - collectively they cover most of the Drug classes! There is so much more to come in the series. Please share far and wide - we are almost there! This video is #2 of 6 videos. NOTE: **Sorry if you did not appear in this round of promos,** many people did not, but you will be in the film or upcoming episodes of the series, please be patient. Some stories take longer to tell.